by Mike Tromba

VS Code: Do you want to exclude the VS Code java project settings?

This post explains what the VS Code notification means, and how you should respond to it.

So, you got a notification from VS Code asking:

Do you want to exclude the Visual Studio Code Java project settings files (.classpath, .project. .settings, .factorypath) from the file explorer?

And your options are:

  • Exclude Globally
  • Exclude in Workspace
  • Never

What does it mean?

The notification is asking if you want to show or hide the filetypes (.classpath, .project, .settings, .factorypath) from the explorer side bar in VS Code. If you select one of the "Exclude" options, those files will no longer show up in your side bar.

Where is it coming from?

This notification comes from the java extension in VS Code (vscode-java). Here is a link to the file that is triggering the prompt. ( github )

How do I change my selection later?

If you choose to exclude files, what happens is the vscode-java extension will write to your VS Code exclusion settings. If you would like to show/hide those files, you must update the exclusion settings that the extension edited. Go to your VS Code settings and find the update setting by searching.

by Mike Tromba