by Mike Tromba

The Ultimate VS Code Developer Resource

This quick guide will teach you the VSCode comment shortcut and everything else you need to know about commenting in VS Code, including multi-line comments.
VS Code has a very powerful diff tool. This quick post is going to teach you how to perform diffs (compare files) in VS Code.
This post explains what the VS Code notification means, and how you should respond to it.
So for some reason your VSCode is slow. Really slow. How are you supposed to be productive when the program is running at snail speed? I'm going to show you how to fix this and make VS Code faster.
This quick guide will teach you exactly how to open files in a new tab in VS Code. You'll be one step closer to achieving VS Code mastery.
Starting VS Code from the terminal is incredibly simple and instantly makes you way more productive. Here's how to run VSCode from the terminal.
The VS Code bottom bar color is bright blue and purple by default. This quick guide will show you exactly how to change the status bar color to your liking.
For some reason your VSCode terminal's font is either way too big or way too small. I'm going to show you exactly how you can change the terminal font size so you can actually read it comfortably.
Introducing: VS Mail, the email client for VS Code. Manage and automate your inbox directly within VSCode. You never have to leave VS Code to check your email again!
It's clear that VS Code now has a significant market-share over Visual Studio. This post explains why VS Code will mostly replace Visual Studio.