by Mike Tromba

VS Mail - The VS Code Email Client

Introducing: VS Mail, the email client for VS Code. Manage and automate your inbox directly within VSCode. You never have to leave VS Code to check your email again!

Note: Unfortunately, I have postponed progress on VS Mail in favor of the Theme Studio for VS Code. I may or may not continue this in the future. - Mike

It's an email extension for VS Code

Let's face it, most email clients suck, and leaving VS Code to check your email all day is annoying.

What if you could manage (and automate) your emails directly within VS Code?

Well now you can!

Drumroll please...

Introducing: VS Mail - The email client for VS Code

That's right.

It will be a simple plugin on the marketplace... you'll just have to install it.

You'll be flying through your inbox at top-speed in no-time.

When will it launch?

VS Mail currently under construction but will be released soon! Click the blue button above to be notified the minute it launches.

Have feature requests / thoughts / comments?

Shoot me an email at: [email protected]

by Mike Tromba